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That is why couples are in so many unhappy relationships.If only we can embrace online dating services the divorce rate can immensely go down. This is because for one, it encourages self identity.Not even prayers can give you a good partner if you do not put some effort in to it. This was our topic of discussion with a group of friends last night.Online dating has come to correct the dating mistakes done in the past. It got me thinking, is there anybody who does what you want without being probed, looks like what you want and compliments you in every way? They said that there is a part of their partner that sweeps them off their ground and there is another side which makes them want to walk away and never turn back.This clearly shows that people are learning to like what they get but not getting what they like.It is very sad to have to put up with a mess because you cannot clear it.Spoken words easily and carelessly come out of our mouths but a written word has a more weighty meaning.

Nowadays there are a lot of fun activities like musical live shows, movies and visiting the national parks.

If you sit down and look back on the patterns in your relationships, are you the one with the complex, or have you dated someone with this complex?

That’s why nice guys get friend zoned, or if they do manage to get into a relationship the attraction dies very quickly.

Are you dating a person who always needs to be needed?

are they constantly asking what they can do for you, or fix for you?

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